Server Rules

General Community Rules

All members must abide by Survivor Gamers  Terms of service

Community Conduct

  • The Survivor Gamer is committed to providing a safe environment for players to explore their creativity through online roleplay. Hate speech, and other abusive or discriminatory language will not be tolerated. Treat everyone with respect, and do your part to keep The Survivor Gamer positive and fun.

1. Never bully or harass.​

  • We do not tolerate bullying, discrimination or harassment of any kind within our community. Players are expected to never communicate or behave in any way that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, or any other way meant to cause discomfort or disrupt another member’s experience. Insults and verbal attacks outside of “in-character roleplay” is strictly prohibited. 

2. Never grief or troll.

  • Griefing or “trolling” is any activity that is solely designed to target and deliberately interfere with, restrict, or ruin, the gaming experience of another player. Griefing typically goes hand in hand with incidents of harassment or bullying and it’s a very broad term that can cover many scenarios.

3. Never cheat or exploit.​

  •  Cheating, hacking, the use of third-party programs or scripts, exploiting game bugs, and engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is prohibited while on any Survivor Gamer servers. If you are suspected of hacking or exploiting the game, your access may be temporarily revoked during the investigation. If you find a glitch or in-game exploit please submit a ticket.

4. No Hatespeech.

We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and discrimination. Hate speech is defined as prejudice, hateful content, slurs, or statements that promote discrimination, hatred, violence or intolerance toward others due to factors such as:

  • Race, Ethnicity or Color
  • Nation or National Origin
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Physical or Mental Disabilities

5. No Firestarting.​

  • Speaking poorly of roleplayers and staff, purposefully antagonizing other members to elicit response, or engaging in heated arguments in public forums will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with another member, submit a report or handle it privately rather than incite additional toxicity.

6. Content Restrictions

While The Survivor Gamer is a mature roleplay server, certain types of content are not permitted. Violence, non-sexual nudity and mild sexual humor is allowed as long as it is not the primary focus of the character or your roleplay. Please keep in mind that roleplay that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) or Twitch Community Guidelines is strictly prohibited. 

6-a. Torture

  • Due to the emotional nature, intense or ongoing acts of torture, especially for the purpose of interrogation, are allowed only with OOC permission from all parties involved. Scenes that involve torture should be approached with caution out of respect for players and viewers who may struggle with these scenes.

6-b. Suicide

  • Roleplay on the server should never involve graphic public suicides or acts of self harm. Written or supplementary roleplay may contain brief references but may never contain detailed descriptions. Always contact any who may be involved or witness this content for consent prior to the event out of respect for players and viewers who may struggle with this topic.

6-c. Banned Topics

  • Roleplay and references to the following topics, both written and verbal, are absolutely not permitted on any Survivor Gamer Server and may result in a permanent community ban.
  • Child abuse and pedophilia.
  • Rape and Sex Trafficking.
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking.
  • Real world tragedies, criminals and genocide.
  • Erotic acts, sexual nudity, and other sexual-oriented content.

7. Respect The Survivor Gamer Staff

Survivor Gamer Admins have ultimate discretion over what they do and do not consider a breach of the server rules. Respect all admin decisions. Additionally, if you are banned from one Survivor Gamer server, you are banned from all Survivor servers.

Contacting Staff: Never directly message Survior Gamer Staff ( Devs, Admins, or Moderators) with issues or questions unless there is an active server emergency taking place. Staff are under no obligation to respond to any direct or private message related to Survivor Gamer. If you have a question, concern or need assistance, please submit a ticket thru discord and a staff member will contact you privately if needed. You may contact a moderator for rag password if you meet the above specified rule